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Level 3 Inspection and Testing Course

Level 3 Inspection and Testing Course offers individuals the opportunity to develop and enhance their expertise in the inspection and testing of both single and three-phase low voltage electrical installations.


The primary goal of this inspection and testing course is to provide you with a solid grasp of the theoretical concepts and practical skills necessary to perform both periodic inspections and initial verifications, as well as the commissioning of electrical installations. By completing this course, you will enhance your abilities in inspection, testing, and conducting periodic assessments of electrical systems.

Course content

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements
Candidates must be at least 18 years old

Assessment & Duration

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Each qualification is achieved when the unit assessments have been successfully completed. The centre will then be able to apply for the learner’s certificate.

 The theory and practice involved with the safe inspection, testing and certification of electrical installations.

Each qualification is assessed by a mixture of on-screen exams and practical assessments. The qualification is not graded and the learner may only achieve a pass. The qualification assessments are open book, and the learner will require IET Guidance Note 3.

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